11.01.2020 #fc


About myself


I was born in Luanda, Angola, but when I was about 5 years old, my parents immigrated to Lisbon. I wanted to be a painter, when I was young, but instead I was educated to pursue a different lifestyle.


In 1997 I went to Italy to study. Back then, I was curious about the world in general and looking forward to finding the meaning of life. I don't think I have found much, apart from a handful of life experiences, but I have been living abroad ever since.


I had the opportunity to study architecture in Italy, Norway, and China; and eventually, I started my professional career as a junior architect in Sweden. However, after I did my masters in London, my professional career took a different path. I am currently a PhD candidate.


I spent the majority of my professional life working in the UK and Australia. My regular job pays the bills. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction to be involved in the construction of complex buildings.


Currently I move in and out of Berlin. I use my spare time to do creative stuff with my children and to discuss philosophy with my partner, among other fulfilling activities. I am particularly sensitive to the exploitation of women and children, racism and nationalisms. I dislike talking about sports, but I am a sport active person.



On art


I remember being interested in the act of creation from an early age. There were times when I tried to be less creative to focus on my professional career. But the end result was always a strange feeling growing within, as if there was something missing in my life; and it was just a question of time before I would pick up a pencil again. I am addicted to creativity.


As I kept evolving as a human being, my pieces became more complicated to execute and more ambitious in size. I like add levels of complexity to my old ideas. Most likely, such will be the fate of everything published on this website.



On technology


Technology plays an important role in my development as a visual artist. I think of coding as my brush.



On my cultural consumption


I keep a diary of my cultural consumption. In 2019 I read 5 books, watched 27 films, 3 documentaries, and visited 9 exhibitions.


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